Montreal Music Labs creates technical products for creative people. Helping music creators concentrate on the creative process is our top priority.
We know from experience that technology can be a roadblock when you just want to sit down and write music. Montreal Music Labs software solutions are designed to increase your productivity and keep you focused on staying creative.
Our Story

Montreal Music Labs is the result of a multi-year collaboration between Emmy-nominated composer Ray Fabi and lead developer Shane Koss. After developing numerous custom hardware and software solutions for Ray’s studio in Montreal, they decided to share these innovative solutions with music creators everywhere.

Our Vision

At Montreal Music Labs we strive for simplicity.  We know how easily technology can interrupt the creative process. Our mission is to keep the music flowing!


Working with multiple Virtual Instruments and audio plugins can be both time consuming and confusing.  Montreal Music Labs software apps make it easier, faster and more enjoyable to create music with your computer!

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VM1 Version 2

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The Montreal Music Labs Dev team has been hard at work on a massive new update for our VM1 app for Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.  We plan on releasing the new version early summer 2020.  Until then the current VM1 version is still fully supported. 


Articulate is an integrated AU/VST/AAX plugin and touchscreen app solution that gives Music Composers quick control with minimal user configuration. It works with all major third party libraries and players, including Kontakt, VSL, Play, and more.

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