Available Summer 2021


Articulate is an integrated AU/VST/AAX plugin and touchscreen app solution that gives Music Composers quick control with minimal user configuration. It works with all major third party libraries and players, including Kontakt, VSL, Play, and more.

Remembering where each instrument’s articulations are on the keyboard is a daunting & tedious task. With Articulate, all of your articulations appear on the iPad as simple buttons.  Just select the desired articulation and it will be stored as automation - not MIDI - in your DAW.  This allows for much easier editing and for standard automation functions such as touch, latch and overwrite to be used.  


No more cryptic editing on multiple midi controller channels.   You can even control the most relevant parameters of the plugin directly from Articulate, helping to add more expression to your music.  These are also stored as automation - which again makes performance and editing much easier. Simply add the plugin, choose a library, and start creating music. 

Articulate works with ALL major DAWs and sample libraries

  • Designed with iPad in mind, the screen will auto-update to reflect the currently selected track

  • Desktop version of the interface will also work on both Mac and Windows

  • Using automation lanes, articulations can be hand-drawn in without the need for an iPad or GUI

  • Articulate will support all major third party libraries out of the box and will be updated with new libraries as they come out.