Vienna Module 1

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Created in collaboration with Vienna Symphonic Library


Version 2 Now Available for Mac, WIN & iOS

Key Features of VM1 v2.0


- An Overview of all VE Pro 7 servers, instances, channels on the network (multiple machines, etc)


- Quick access to view, re-order and instantiate plugins and VI's - Staying in one environment, avoid using screen sharing/KVM


- Customizing and organizing all VEPro instances for quick access to any part of a large template


- A new custom 'Stack' mode. allowing you to layer sounds & textures w ease. Mute & Reassign MIDI channels, enable/disable, etc


- Instantly making changes to channel fader value, panning and IO routing


- Managing DSP resources across the VEPro network



VM1 is a Controller app for Vienna Symphonic Library’s Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.  VE Pro 7 is a powerful music production platform with a rich feature set and VM1 is designed to harness that power in a quicker and easier way than ever before!  Moreover, VM1 interacts with VE Pro 7 in new ways, allowing for the quick discovery of new sounds and enhancement in creative expression.

VM1 works with ALL major DAWs

  • Controller app created in concert with Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)

  • View all VE Pro 7 servers, instances, channels on the network

  • Stay in one DAW Environment, no need for screen sharing or KVM

  • Disconnect and disable/enable VE Pro 7 instances for better management of CPU Processing

  • Customize and organize VE Pro 7 instances for quick acess to any component of a large VE Pro 7 template

  • Create custom VM1 ‘Stacks’ for layering sounds & textures with ease

  • Compare and choose different sounds using VM1 ‘audition mode’

  • Instantly make changes to faders, pan and I/O

To learn more about Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, please visit the VSL website.

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VM1 System Requirements

VM1 Compatibility:

Compatible with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

Compatible with iOS 10.0 and up

MacOS 10.10 - 10.14

WIN 10

Hardware Support for iPad 2 and up

iPhone not currently supported

**Windows 7 & 10 support coming summer 2021**